FREE SEO Report to identify your website problems

If you have a website, then you will need SEO to ensure that it is found in popular search engines; the most important being Google. Optimisation involves making your website user friendly as well as perfect for the Google robots to crawl and index your pages.

There are a multitude of reports and versions of software available to buy which will give you information on the state of your website and any changes that need to be done. However, this software is often very expensive and with so many to choose from, knowing which one is best can be tricky. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to find and use a free SEO report tool which can give you similar information to the paid software.

Once you have gathered the information regarding the current state of your site, then it can be used to improve it in order to increase your rankings. In general, website owners will look to an expert SEO company to carry out the required changes for them as SEO is a large and ongoing task which requires a lot of knowledge and expertise to be successful.

If you would like help with your website to increase rankings or you have been hit by a Google Penalty then we suggest you contact a professional SEO Consultant such as Chameleon Web Services.